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Editing & Book Coaching


I've been a freelance book editor for almost fifteen years, working with clients all over the world on their novels, memoirs, political treatises, story collections, narrative nonfictions, scripts and, even, epic poems.


In addition to individual authors, I work also with CamCat BooksEBookLaunch, Polgarus Studio, Black Chateau Enterprises, Evolved Publishing, and Wordsmith Writing Coaches, where I offer book coaching. For those interested in my full resume, see here.  

Among many others, I am the editor of J.P Barnett's award-winning Lorestalker series. Another client of mine was shortlisted for the 2014 Dundee International Literary Prize. 

My services include:

Line / Copy Editing: A thorough edit of the book's language, looking at style, grammar, syntax, punctuation, paragraph design, economy, flow and feel. (.03c / word)


Developmental Editing: An examination of the plot, characters, story structure, world-building and logic, continuity and consistency. (.02c / a word) (if you want Line and Developmental together, it'll run .04c / a word -- a discount)


Manuscript Critique: A 10-15 page "book report" on all the story's strengths and weaknesses as I see them, as well as its marketability. ($1.50 / page)


Book Coaching: An ongoing agreement in which I work closely with you on the line and structural development of the book through multiple drafts, and help you position it for potential publication or agent representation. I'll be available for consultations in-person, via email or over the phone, offering advice and guidance wherever necessary. ($75 / hour)

Feel free to contact me at

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