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"...compelling and engaging cosmic horror meets eco-paranormal drama. The intensity of the world-building and the vivid imagery that each scene brings to life are breathtakingly beautiful."

-- Author Anthony Avina's Blog

Walking the Dusk is a wonderfully skin-crawling, page-turning blend of Stephen King’s IT and Dante’s Inferno. Robinson taps into childhood fear and adult understanding for a fantastic descent into madness, loss, and identity.”

—Peter Clines, New York Times bestselling author of The Broken Room


"One of the best voices in speculative fiction today."

-- Leslie Ann Moore, bestselling author of the Griffin's Daughter trilogy

"A fine writer, with an enviable gift for the poetic turn of phrase."

-- Kitty Burns Florey, author of Solos and The Writing Master

"Put Mike Robinson on your list of authors to watch!"

-- Guy Anthony de Marco, Bram Stoker Award Finalist

"Any praise I offer Mike Robinson should be qualified with the simple fact that I'm a fan. He comes by that admiration honestly: by crafting damn good stories and serving them up with ruthless efficiency."

-- Justin Robinson (no relation), author of Everyman

"Mike Robinson does not write casual books. His words are intentional and layered and ... there is something so beautiful about them. These are stories that draw you in and make you think. Force you to think."

-- Vicki Trask, Goodreads book blogger

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Who Is This Guy?

It was at the tender age of 7 that an interconnection of cells and organs called Mike Robinson (then Mikey) penned, or pencilled, his first story, The Aliens That Invaded My Backyard!. A runaway international bestseller, it went on to win the World Fantasy Award, Hugo Award, and was shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize. Or maybe those things were also just products of his imagination. 





He later became the author of multiple books, most of which tack toward the weird, the darkly fantastic, the metaphysical, the odd residue scraped from the bottom of our "souls" (he was a PhD in puns). His short fiction has appeared in American Gothic Fantasy, ClonePod, December Tales II, Thirteen Podcast, Creepy Podcast, Storyteller, Underland Arcana, Tangle & Fen and more. He's also received honors from Writers of the Future, Publishers Weekly's BookLife Prize, the Next Generation Indie Book Awards, the Kindle Book Awards, The BookFest Awards, the Maxy Awards, the Pinnacle Book Achievement Awards and the Screencraft Awards. 
But the story buck doesn't stop there. A native of Los Angeles, his blood is half-celluloid, so it was inevitable that he also became a screenwriter and producer. A feature he wrote, Blood Corral, won Best Horror Feature at the Skyehouse International Film Festival.

In addition, he'
s a freelance book editor/coach, copywriter and illustrator, and is active on the programming committee of the California Creative Writers Conference. A senior editor at Wordsmith Writing Coaches, he is also co-creator of the New Authors Plunge, a workshop for beginning writers.

He is represented by Jennifer Azantian, of the Azantian Literary Agency.


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